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Portrait of Katharina Franz

Katharina Franz

partly designer, partly developer.

Hello there! Right now I’m 25 years old, living in Egelsbach, Germany. I’ve gained a bachelor’s degree in Online Media at DHBW Mosbach and do now work as a web developer in Frankfurt am Main.

I love to create and build websites which make the user feel happy and invites him or her to share it with its friends and/or collegues.

For me, creating a whole web experience does not only mean pushing around pixels in Photoshop (although I love to do that!), but also making a concept first, be careful about the usability and – of course – developing the frontend of a site, which means coding HTML 5, CSS 3, some JQuery (at least I try), and working with a content management system like Typo3 or Wordpress. Those are all parts of my every day work.

Despite that’s not my focus, I’m interested in the scripting or backend area with components like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL etc., because I am always willing to learn new things and improve my web design skills with everything that touches the topic.